About Us

Family Connections Institute

The Family Connections Institute (FCI) at Revidas understands that emotional challenges occur because people are separated from their larger family. The FCI does not place blame on anyone. However, there is a realization the individual needs to explore safely their family. Separation can happen because of divorce, non-custodial parent lack of contact, siblings/extended family disconnection, children who are placed in foster care and later adopted, and other reasons. In any case, the emotional burden on the individual is significant, if not debilitating in some cases.

At the FCI, under the experienced direction of Geoff Cushner, LICSW, the individual refers himself/herself for therapy in the same manner as any other individual working with Revidas. Geoff or another licensed clinician at Revidas will complete an assessment to learn more about the issues and determine the course of action. going forward. In some cases, with discussion of the individual and clinician, a guided family search process may occur. The search may include a careful process of finding the desired family member(s) through making initial contact of any type and can lead to reuniting with family, denial by the family member to go forward, but a processing of the search process itself . The search process is one with significant emotion, and valuable for those who choose to participate.

It is noted that some costs for working with the Family Connections Institute will be covered by health insurance and others will be covered by the individual. The non covered cost are from the time and research in searching family.