About Us

About Revidas

What is Revidas and what does it mean?

Revidas comes from a language (Esperanto) that is a combination of multiple languages and means to see (someone) again/back. For all of us at Revidas, we want that someone to be you as our client working towards feeling to be rejuvenated as a better, less burdened, more relaxed self.

What is the mission of Revidas?

Revidas provides a spectrum of wellness services under one location to men, women, children, and families of all compositions. Revidas understands that clinical therapy is only one option in a spectrum of wellness services and strives to continue to enhance the assortment of services provided.

What is our philosophy at Revidas and what makes us different?

We provide interventions and services that are evidence-based looking at the person as a whole, but usually located in multiple locations throughout the area. We spent 9 months planning Revidas in 2015 and 2016 before launching the practice. We work to provide confidential, quality service in an attractive environment that uses experienced staff dedicated to improving your well-being.

What services does Revidas offer?

At Revidas, we offer clinical services such as traditional individual, family, and group therapy. We see the provision of clinical services improving oneself in a continuum of wellness. Our tagline “Redefining Wellness” stands for enhancing the services we will push ourselves to continue to offer. We can provide services in the wellness arena that involve principles of mindfulness and use of top quality essential oils with doTerra.

Clinical Supervision

We offer clinical supervision to those looking to pursue their LMHC and LICSW licensure hours. Our clinical supervisors each have extensive experience and dedication to expand the field of quality clinical staff. We can also work with other non-profit agencies to oversee the supervision graduate interns at a reasonable cost.

What services will Revidas offer in the near future?

We will soon be expanding our services to involve Reiki, Yoga, massage therapy and others to make sure we can provide something for everyone. Revidas strives to provide a spectrum of wellness services from talk therapy for more acute issues to wellness services to help people relieve stress in our busy world.

Please call or e-mail us if you would like to know how our skilled staff can minimize life’s daily stress, address past and present challenges, and/or strive to improve your well-being.

Our location:

108 Grove Street, Suite LL11

Worcester, MA 01605